Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Old Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms New Vs. Old

Old-Technology Medical Alarms

Medical alarms systems haven’t changed much since their introduction 20 years ago. LifeBeacon™ represents a huge leap forward.

Old-technology alert systems have two parts; a speaker phone base station and an alert button. The medical alert button is carried by the user and the speaker phone base station is placed where it can be plugged into a standard phone line. Your button will work only within 200-400 feet of the speaker phone base station (or less depending on the design of your home). To speak with an operator, you have to be within speaker phone range—between 20-25 feet. The speaker phone base station uses dial-up modem technology to place the call, which can take more than a minute and a half to connect, time that can seem like hours when you need help.

New Medical Alarm Technology

LifeBeacon™ is different. The LifeBeacon™ alarm contains everything you need, and it goes with you everywhere. If you need help you can press the button and an operator can speak with you almost instantly. Your operator can pinpoint your exact location using Global Positioning Satellites and send help directly to you. Now you aren’t just covered at home, or even just a part of your home. With LifeBeacon™ you are covered in the garden, on the golf course, at the grocery store, at the park, while visiting friends and family, just about anywhere.

Why would you limit yourself when you can have security and peace of mind to go and do the things that you love? Just because your years have become golden doesn’t mean you have to be confined to your home. Rediscover freedom and security.  Discover the LifeBeacon Difference™ with these new medical alarms.


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