Why LifeStation Fails to Offer True Protection

LifeStation Has Limited Range

LifeStation claims a relatively quick response time compared to other offerings—similar to LifeBeacon’s 20 seconds.  But LifeStation has the same 400 foot “open-air” pendant range, for which the best LifeStation can claim is that “It should provide coverage throughout most homes.”  LifeStation also provides no communication through the pendant, meaning that a user must be close to the speaker phone base station to speak to an operator.  LifeBeacon™ is obviously superior.  Instead of using a garage door opener pendant combined with a speaker phone and dial up modem combination, LifeBeacon™ is an all-in-one device that you carry with you on your wrist as a watch or around your neck. This also means no installation and no confusing set up.

LifeBeacon’s protection is practically limitless. LifeBeacon™ mobile medical alert uses satellite and GPS technology that is not limited to just your home, yard or any distance. LifeBeacon™ wearers can go wherever life takes them–downtown, the other side of the country or even just their backyard and still have immediate emergency response help available at the push of a button.

LifeBeacon even takes it to the next level of coverage.  Thanks to GPS technology you can say goodbye to getting lost. All you have to do is push your help button and within seconds your operator can tell you your exact location and help you find your destination.  And loved ones can more easily stay involved in the lives of seniors who live far away with LifeBeacon’s tracking portal.  Don’t settle for LifeStation’s old technology; don’t settle for anything less than the best to keep you or your loved ones safe—experience the LifeBeacon Difference™.

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