Why LifeBeacon™ is Better than Alert1

Greater Range Than Alert 1

While Alert1 does have the longest signal range among other PERS, it does not come close to the coverage that LifeBeacon™ gives you. With LifeBeacon™ you don’t have to test out what areas of your home or yard can’t pick up a signal, instead you can walk out the door to enjoy life without worrying about the range, because LifeBeacon™ medical alert system has you covered everywhere.

LifeBeacon™ is More Reliable Than Alert 1

Since LifeBeacon™ works using satellite and GPS technology, LifeBeacon™ does not interfere with your home telephone land lines like Alert1 does. Alert1 cannot work if your phone happens to be off the hook or if you are talking on the phone when an emergency happens. Because the Alert1 base station is connected to your landline phone and without installing a complex wall jack will not override the phone line, you are left helpless and your Alert1 device useless.

Alert1 offers additional buttons to place throughout your home to help ensure that when you do have an emergency you are within a reasonable talking distance, but with LifeBeacon™ you don’t need additional buttons because your LifeBeacon™ device does it all for you. You can talk directly into your device wherever you are. You won’t have to worry that you are too far away from the speaker phone base station or your hallway button to communicate with the operator.

Less Complicated Than Alert 1

While Alert 1, along with all other old-technology PERS, relies on the speaker phone base station and your help button device, LifeBeacon™ makes life simpler by putting all the technology into a single wireless device. This also means no installation. We say this again and again, but imagine how much simpler and independent your life could be if you used LifeBeacon™ instead of Alert One or any other PERS.

But facts aside, nothings compares with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with using LifeBeacon™. We ask why can’t you have the same sense of security and peace when you’re out and about living your life as when you’re at home?  Well the answer is simple, with LifeBeacon you can. With LifeBeacon you can feel confident as you live independently and go wherever life takes you, because we will be there when you need it most.

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