The LifeBeacon™ Difference

Life Beacon's GPS Medical Alert

A Better Medical Alarm System by Leveraging GPS Technology

The LifeBeacon Difference™ comes from the unique way that the LifeBeacon™ delivers the two things people want most from their medical alerts: peace of mind and independent living. Old-fashioned medical alerts (like those sold by Life Alert, MedicalGuardian, Alert 1, LifeStation, and Lifeline) offer security that in too many circumstances is more illusion than reality.

The voice communication range of these devices is that of a speaker phone—about 25 feet from the base station (which itself is nothing more than a speaker phone and a dial-up modem combined). The effective range of these devices is somewhat smaller than that of a garage door opener. In fact, almost half of falls occur outside of the effective activation area of these old-fashioned alerts. For many families, there are just too many situations where such a device does not provide protection to justify the cost.

Greater Mobility with a GPS Medical Alert

Those seniors who rely on the limited security they do get from an old-fashioned alert have to choose between continuing to feel safe and doing many of the activities they enjoy—fishing, golfing, visiting family and friends, running errands, walking the dog, and working in a shop. Even something as simple as walking out to the mailbox (which is typically outside the range of most old-fashioned alerts) can be an ordeal if a senior is afraid of falling and being without help.

With cellular two-way voice anywhere, plus GPS location,  the LifeBeacon™ offers seniors the security of a fully mobile medical alert with continued independent living that is still active, healthy, and safe. Studies like this one from the Journal of Gerontology have repeatedly confirmed the common sense conclusion that, just like the rest of us, seniors are happier, safer, and function better when they can be more active in things they like doing. That’s a rule that seems to apply whether you’re 2, 10, 25, 35, 45, or 89 and a half.

A Medical Alert System That Provides Security and Independence

But you can’t enjoy life if you’re afraid of falling or having a health issue and being unable to summon help. And you can’t enjoy life to the fullest without having the freedom to do the things you still love to do. And loved ones who have their own busy lives to attend to can’t enjoy their lives to the fullest when mom or dad isn’t safe and protected in doing basic daily activities—in or out of the home.

That combination of security and independence is the LifeBeacon Difference™. It is a healthier, safer, happier senior who has not just peace of mind, but the freedom to continue to do the things he or she values most. It is a son or daughter who sleeps better at night knowing that he or she can find mom wherever she goes, and that if she ever gets into trouble, with its state of the art GPS medical alert system, LifeBeacon™ will be there to help at the push of a button.

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