LifeBeacon Reviews and Testimonials

Below are a few selected testimonials from real users . . .

“We run a care facility, and we have a few patients who occasionally wander, despite all of our security measures. We recently gave all these patients LifeBeacon™ devices. It paid off when we had a patient leave the facility in 20 degree weather. He wandered to an area we probably would not have checked on our own. But thanks to the LifeBeacon, we got an alert that he had left our facility, and we located him in only a few minutes! We highly recommend the LifeBeacon for people worried about wandering or lost seniors. ”

— LifeBeacon Caregiver, Utah

“The other day, Mom walked to the store for groceries, as she often does. The store is only a couple blocks away. But this time, she tripped and fell. LifeBeacon operators answered her alert right away. At her request, they called me. Within just a few minutes I reached Mom’s location, picked her up, and got her the attention she needed. Mom doesn’t like to even leave home without her LifeBeacon™! We are so glad we found you! ”

— LifeBeacon Daughter, Arizona

“My mom is 72 years old this year. She is still very healthy—she still drives, visits the store, goes for walks, etc. I worry about her a lot—especially with all that she still does every day. But mom really loves her independence, and I don’t want anything to take that away. LifeBeacon gives her the independence she wants, and gives me the peace of mind I need. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that no matter where she goes, she can get help at the touch of a button. We are so happy we found the LifeBeacon™! ”

— LifeBeacon Daughter, Colorado

“While I was walking through a park near my home, I fell into a group of large bushes. I was almost completely hidden under the leaves. I pushed the SOS button on my LifeBeacon, and the operator found me using GPS. She told the paramedics where I was, and I got help. Without the LifeBeacon, I might still be there! Every senior who wants security and independence should have a LifeBeacon. ”

— LifeBeacon User, Illinois

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