Medical Alert Articles

Choosing a medical alert to protect your loved ones is an important decision. Get the facts before you buy, in the articles below.

When you understand the difference, LifeBeacon™ is the obvious choice.

The LifeBeacon™ Difference.

The LifeBeacon Difference™ comes from the unique way that the LifeBeacon™ delivers the two things people want most from their medical alerts: peace of mind and independent living. Old-fashioned medical alerts (like those sold by Life Alert, MedicalGuardian, Alert1…

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Old Medical Alarms.

Medical alerts systems haven’t changed much since their introduction 20 years ago. LifeBeacon™ represents a huge leap forward. Old-technology alerts have two parts, a speaker phone base station and an alert button. The alert button is carried by the user and…