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A Medical Alert System That Works:

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  • Blue List Icon100% Mobile Medical Alerts
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  • True Mobile Alert

    100% Mobile

    Competitors tie seniors to their homes with twenty year old technology. But with LifeBeacon™, all you need is cellular service and you will get fast alert response.

  • 100% GPS

    GPS Powered

    LifeBeacon™ has a built in GPS. In the event of an emergency, your location is transmitted automatically so help can find you even if you have fallen and are unable to tell them where you are.

  • 75% faster response time

    Mobile Speakerphone

    Unlike other alerts, you will always be able to talk to an operator in an emergency. You will never wonder if your alert was heard, and first responders will not be sent unless they are truly needed.

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Personal Medical Alert Systems for the elderly haven’t changed much since their introduction 20 years ago. LifeBeacon™ represents a huge leap forward.

Old-technology PERS have both a speaker phone base station and an alert button. The personal alert button is carried by the user and the speaker phone base station is placed where it can be plugged into a standard phone line in your home. You must be within 20-25 feet of the base station to talk to the operator. And unless you are within 200-400 feet of the speaker phone base station, your alert will not work at all. The speaker phone base station uses dial-up modem technology to place the call, which can take more than a minute to connect, time that can seem like hours in an emergency.

LifeBeacon™ is different. With the LifeBeacon™ wireless medical alert, you can get help wherever there is cell coverage--virtually anywhere. You have two-way cellular communication with the operator everywhere you go. Your call is answered in 1/3 the time. And the operator can pinpoint your exact location using GPS technology and send help directly to you. Now you aren’t just covered at home, or even just a part of your home. With LifeBeacon™ you are covered everywhere you want to be.

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