Freedom and Peace of Mind with a Personal Emergency Response System

Personal Emergency Response System Brings Peace of Mind

Less Freedom with Old Response Systems

Old-technology Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are limiting. You are a prisoner in your own home. The emergency button they give you only works if you are close to the speaker phone base station, and if you need help you must be close to the speaker phone base station to speak to an operator. These devices may give you and your family some peace of mind while you are at home, but every time you step out your front door you are not protected.

Greater Freedom with a LifeBeacon Emergency Response System

With LifeBeacon™ you can extend that peace of mind to virtually anywhere you want to go. Using cellular technology and Global Positioning Satellites you can take the LifeBeacon™ medical alarm with you to the park, to your granddaughters piano recital, to the store or anywhere you go.

While old-technology PERS keep you at home, Life Beacon™ gives you freedom. You are free to go outside, take a walk in the park or visit friends and take the peace of mind with you wherever you go. If you need help, simply press the button on the LifeBeacon™ device and help can be sent to your exact position. This is done by a trained operator you can speak to in seconds.

No other device offers the coverage or peace of mind that you can get from LifeBeacon™. Our patent-pending device that we have built on proven technologies offers the best peace of mind available and the freedom to take it with you, wherever you go. Get a better personal emergency response system today!

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