Medical Alert Articles

Choosing a medical alert to protect your loved ones is an important decision. Get the facts before you buy, in the articles below.

When you understand the difference, LifeBeacon™ is the obvious choice.

The LifeBeacon™ Difference.

The LifeBeacon Difference™ comes from the unique way that the LifeBeacon™ delivers the two things people want most from their medical alerts: peace of mind and independent living. Old-fashioned medical alerts (like those sold by Life Alert, MedicalGuardian, Alert1…

How LifeBeacon™ Medical Alarm Works.

With LifeBeacon™ you get the peace of mind knowing you are protected with the latest, proven technologies available. LifeBeacon™ does not require a phone line, has no need to be near a base station and will work virtually anywhere you are.

Senior Falling Statistics Infographic.

Did you know that 1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older fall each year? Did you know that 46% of falls occur outside the area surrounding the home? Find out more shocking statistics about falling through this infographic.