About Wireless Medical Alert & Life Beacon™

Life Beacon Wireless Medical AlertsWireless Medical Alert is proud to be the first (and only) Life Beacon™ Preferred Dealer. Our
management team’s 25 years of experience in the monitored security products industry made it easy for
us to recognize the unique potential of a 21st century medical alert. Now, we provide seniors and their
families with a level of security and peace of mind they can get nowhere else in the world.


Why LifeBeacon™ Alert Systems

We deal the LifeBeacon™ because most competitive alerts (like those sold by Life Alert, Alert1,
MedicalGuardian, Lifeline, and LifeStation) do not offer a real solution to the problem of senior safety:

  • They tie seniors to their homes with analog technology introduced in the 1970s;
  • Their effective range of 200-400 feet from a base station is even more limited by their communication range of 20-25 feet;
  • Even in the home, they don’t work very effectively, and often cause more problems— false alarms, especially — than they solve;
  • They do nothing to make it easier for family members to remain involved in their loved ones’ lives.


LifeBeacon™ Replaces Out-Dated Technology

Life Beacon™ solves those problems. When it was introduced last year, thousands of seniors
and their families immediately embraced it as the solution they had been looking for. When we
investigated, it became clear to us that someone had finally nailed it—producing a mobile GPS medical alarm
we could be proud to stand behind.

The Life Beacon Difference™

In the end, the seniors and their families will sleep better at night knowing that the protection
they get from us and from the Life Beacon™ will always be there — not just at home — but wherever they
need to be. We hope you will join the thousands of others who have discovered for themselves the
value and importance of The Life Beacon Difference™.

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