LifeBeacon™ Wireless Medical Alert System

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Looking for a medical alert system? Watch this first!

Did you know that 46% of falls among the elderly happen outside the home? Did you know that no other medical alert system protects against those falls?

With LifeBeacon™ you can take advantage of the latest cellular and GPS alert technology and provide peace of mind for those who still want to be active and independent.

More Protection from this Wireless Medical Alert
  • 100% Wireless medical alerts True Mobile Alert

    Competitors tie you to your home with twenty year old technology. But with LifeBeacon™, all you need is cell service.

  • GPS medical alert system Help to Your Location FAST

    LifeBeacon™ is a GPS medical alert system. In the event of an emergency, your location is transmitted automatically so help can find you even if you are unable to tell them where you are.

  • Medical alarm system two-way communication Two-Way Communication

    Unlike with other alarms, you will always be able to talk to an operator. You will never wonder if your alert was heard, and first responders will not be sent unless they are truly needed.

Other medical alerts haven't changed much since they were first popularized in the 1970s. The only way to communicate with an operator is through a speaker phone base station—not through the activator worn by the user. The activator uses the same technology as a garage door opener, but with slightly reduced range.

Wireless medical alert device

The LifeBeacon™ is a 21st century mobile medical alert. It uses cellular signal—just like a cell phone – and a digital communication interface to let you speak to an operator in any emergency. With LifeBeacon™, you can go anywhere with confidence—enjoy the golf course, walk the dog, get the mail, or spend time in the park. That's the unique combination of freedom and peace of mind we call the LifeBeacon™ Difference. To order a wireless medical alert call us toll-free at (855) 35-ALERT (352-5378) or click here to order online.

Built In GPS System

LifeBeacon™ operators can locate you using GPS if you can't respond to them verbally. Loved ones will receive a text message telling them where you are and that you need help. And you will have the peace of mind to know that anywhere you are, help is just a button press away.

Unlike competitive alerts, with LifeBeacon™ you don't have to be near a speaker phone base station to speak to an operator. You carry your speaker and microphone with you all the time. We won't send the paramedics if all you need is a hand up, or help getting oriented to your surroundings, or if you pressed your button by accident.

Unfortunately, competitive alerts often send out help when none is needed. If you accidentally press an old-fashioned alert button and you are not near enough to the speaker phone base station to hear or speak to the operator, our competitors will send emergency help right away. With the limitations of their technology, that's the only way they can be sure they do not miss a real emergency.

With LifeBeacon™, that will never happen. When you press your alert button, a voice notifies you that the button has been pressed. An operator communicates with you through our built-in speaker and microphone. You can easily cancel any accidental alert.

Two-Way Medical Alarm System Wireless Communication

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